Careers at Rush

Because we’re always treasure hunting, we’re also looking for talented and creative people who feel a connection to our mission. We look for individuals with an amazing work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit who want to make a difference in the world of retail. 

Rush ReCommerce is helping to create a cyclical future for retail returns and overstocks and encouraging new life for all oversized pieces. In partnership with The Rush Market, Rush ReCommerce uses specialized software to inspect, value, and receive online returns to sell them through brick-and-mortar and e-commerce. The result is a tremendous value to retailers, vendors, and customers.

We want to hear from you and learn your story! Discover available positions right right below…

Current Openings


Rush is looking for a talented Senior Backend Engineer to help with our next phase of growth. In this role, you will build and maintain internal and external APIs that support our core business functions and oversee additional critical business applications. You will step in and make an immediate impact to help shape the product direction, design, architecture, and team culture. Above all, you will be surrounded by a highly skilled team of people with deep software and e-commerce experience committed to high success.


Rush is looking for a talented Business Development Representative to help with our next phase of growth. This role serves as the first impression of our brand and business for our retailers and vendors. More specifically, you will be building/nurturing a pipeline of companies by selling them on the benefits of the Rush ReCommerce solution, bringing their online customer returns to Rush ReCommerce, and driving new product breadth and incremental revenue.

Omaha, NE

Rush is looking for a talented Account Manager to help with our next phase of growth. In this role, you will own the day-to-day relationship with our partners, manufacturers, and retailers. The position focuses on nurturing the growth of our business partners by maintaining and improving their relationship with Rush ReCommerce and deepening the connections to drive new revenue opportunities.

omaha, ne

Rush is looking for a talented Drop Ship Vendor Coordinator to help with our next phase of growth. In this role, you will be tasked with daily communication efforts with vendors and our internal team members to ensure orders are being received and fulfilled through our network. You will ensure compliance with the process and communicate internally and externally when things break down.  This position will require one to maintain and manage daily inventory files from our drop-ship vendors and performance reporting to be distributed internally and to the drop-ship vendor.